Who is CoVest and What Do We Do?

Posted by Richie Capeles on Aug 14, 2014 3:16:00 PM

When first looking into CoVest, the information you'd find may be a bit overwhelming and even a little intimidating. No worries! After reading this blog, you'll have a better understanding of who our company is and what we do.

You've probably been to our website and read information similar to this: 


CoVest Sourcing Network is dedicated to adding value to our member companies. We accomplish this by negotiating best-in-class contracts, providing continuous category and supplier management and by selectively expanding our membership base to include only industry leading, large-spend organizations.                               

If you got the gist of that short description, then great! Go check out the rest of our site. However, if you'd still like a little more clarification, then read on

In short, CoVest is a sourcing network. What's a sourcing network?  It's and organization that secures best-in-market contracts, based on the combined leveraged volume of their members. Another way to explain it is by viewing our company as a negotiator between big corporations and their suppliers. CoVest makes contracts with the suppliers in order to get the best deals possible for our members.

Let's say you go to a big shopping mart that sells products in bulk. In order to get access and the most savings, you'd have to sign up for a membership. CoVest would be the company that gives you the membership card. But that's not all we'd do. Our company would make sure the contract for the memberships are the best on the market, we'd also provide constant supplier management along with making sure you get the most savings possible. The best part, CoVest not only makes contracts for one indirect spend category, but for several, giving our members more savings across the board. It is our position as a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) that allows us to do so.

However, CoVest differs from other GPO's. We pride ourselves in having member focused contracts that will not only get our members the best deals on indirect spending, but will also give them flexibility that other GPO's could not offer. It’s these benefits along with our value-added services that keep our members engaged with CoVest year after year.          


    Click below to download an in-depth introduction to CoVest:

download in-depth introduction to CoVest


CoVest is here to make your life simpler while also saving you money. Becoming a member means you'd join our current members who have a combined revenue that exceed $325 billion. This allows CoVest to negotiate most favored corporation pricing with our suppliers. With us, there will be no stress about how indirect spending is effecting your finances because we'll be behind you. A CoVest membership means flexibility, best-in-class options and big savings. 


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