Lab Supplies: The Benefits of Digital PCR

Posted by Richie Capeles on Jan 28, 2016 10:16:08 AM

Obtaining absolute quantification for your nucleic acid targets is now easier than ever. Digital PCR is the next generation of nucleic acid quantification that allows you to go beyond the limits of real-time PCR methods.

Digital PCR (or digital polymerase chain reaction) is changing the way we react to nucleic acid through its precise, highly sensitive quantification of nucleic acids. This is a major step within many areas of genetic analysis including medicinal, infectious disease, forensic and research applications. 


How Digital PCR works

Digital PCR has the ability to generate detectable quantities of specific DNA sequence from a single molecule through the exponential amplification of sequences. That means that through the use of primers and thermo stable DNA polimeries, digital PCR overcomes the difficulties common when amplifying rare sequences and allows for precise and absolute quantification of nucleic acids.

This is done by dividing a sample of DNA into many individual, parallel PCR reactions. Then testing them with dye-labeled probes to detect sequence-specific targets. Following PCR analysis, an absolute count of the number of target molecules in the sample can be determined, without the need for standards or endogenous controls.

Advantages of digital PCR:

  • A single molecule can be amplified a million-fold or more 
  • Enables an absolute value with much higher precision, compared to standard real time PCR, by using more PCR replicates
  • Capability to analyze complex mixtures and minimizes the effects of competition between targets
  • No need to rely on references or standards
  • High tolerance to inhibitors
  • Linear detection of small-fold changes



ThermoFisher, the world leader in serving science, has the perfect equipment needed for digital PCR. ThermoFisher's QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR System is the next step to finding the best results in the nucleus acid business because it employs a chip-based technology to perform simple and robust digital PCR. 

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