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Posted by Richie Capeles on Apr 12, 2016 9:15:31 AM

From making one copy in a retail store, to ordering a truck load of products delivered to your door, Staples is the only print provider to offer a one-stop-shop!

Copy & Print services no longer consist of simply making a copy of a document, the list of utilities goes on and on. Take Staples Print Solutions for example, they currently offer over 70 print categories and print services! Among these categories you will find solutions to forms management, marketing products and, the highly sought after, label category.

Staples' labels category alone provides a variety of packaging product options: 

  • Pressure sensitive labels
  • Digital labelseasy_staples.png
  • Glue applied (Cut & Stack)
  • Folding Carton
  • Paperboard
  • Unsupported film
  • Shrink Sleeves
  • Coupons / Booklets
  • Inserts / Tags
  • Thermal labels
  • RFID

With so many options just within labels, imagine what you could do with the 70+ print categories and services Staples has to offer. Staples Print Solutions has been developing, customizing and designing unique print programs for over 60 years and can handle the production and distribution of all your print-on-demand, mission critical documents. From digital color, black & white, wide-format to binding and booklet making. 

When utilizing this industry leader, you benefit from:

  • Over 200 local Print experts that will get to know your participants business and provide customized training and site audits
  • Measurable and auditable print programs
  • Integrate, support and partner with existing print shops
  • Proven e-commerce expertise and solutions
  • Marketing communications support
  • Leveraged buying power
  • Consolidated ordering and invoicing
  • Consistent brand representation and management

Resulting in Saving Time and Reducing Costs

Staples / CoVest Partnership

CoVest’s Staples contract encompasses not only office supplies but also includes leveraged pricing on all Staples lines of business.  We take a whole spend approach to our office related categories with low fixed pricing on high volume items and an aggressive pricing model for infrequent purchases.

Our members have access to:

  • CoVest Group Core List with fixed pricing on thousands of items
  • Unique Member Core List tailored to each company’s unique purchasing requirements
  • Aggressive non-core pricing for all items outside core lists
  • Direct relationship with Staples including a Strategic Account Leader assigned to oversee the implementation and ongoing administration of your program
  • And much more

For more information visit Staples at or view our blog on Staples by the Numbers.


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