The Future of Power Tools

Posted by CovestAdmin on Nov 7, 2016 8:00:00 AM

At the 2016 CoVest Member Meeting, Milwaukee Tool gave a fascinating presentation on emerging industry trends and what to expect in the future of power tools. 

Milwaukee Tool has been leading the industry in innovation. They work with real craftsman to understand the demands of a constantly changing workplace and how they can best deliver solutions that help the user work smarter. This can be seen in their evolution of cordless power tools and their new concept, "One Key".

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Cordless power tools have become a staple in most homes. The freedom that comes with cordless is undeniable. However, Milwaukee Tool believes that there is much room for innovation within the category. 

In the last 10 years alone, we've seen the power in cordless power tools rise by 240%, the size shrunk by 28% and the weight reduced by 28%. One of the big factors in this evolution is due to the introduction of the brushless motor system. 

Brushless motors are typically 85-90% efficient while brush motors average 75-80% efficiency. Because of this increase in efficiency, less power is being lost as heat and instead its being turned into rational force. One component that contributes to the brushless motors efficiency is that the motor adjusts according to the task. The more resistance a drill senses, the more power it draws, and conversely a lack of resistance lessens the power draw..  

One Key

The brushless motor is just one small example of how the power tool is getting the high-tech treatment. Milwaukee Tool's One Key is years ahead of their competitors. Imagine customizing, tracking and managing your tools through an app. 

Customize - Through the One Key app you can lock in settings that will determine the speed and force of your drill. You can also name these saved setting and switch between depending on the type of project you are working on.

Tracking - One Key eliminates the hassle of searching for a missing tool. Through its tracking feature, One Key can show you the last location the tool was used and notify you when anyone with the One Key apps using the tool.

Managing – One Key enables keeping an inventory of your tools and a history of how they have been used.One Key has many other features to exploreincluding security, diagnostics and record keeping. Find out more by downloading the below PowerPoint.

About Milwaukee Tool 

Milwaukee Tool is an industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, accessories and hand tools for professional users worldwide. Since the company began in 1924, Milwaukee Tool has led the industry in both durability and performance.

Milwaukee's user focus not only leads to solutions for real jobsite challenges, but fuels the disruptive innovation seen across all product lines. To learn more about Milwaukee Tool visit them at,

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View Miliwaukee Tool's PowerPoint presentation on One Key. Click image below.
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