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The Category Management Process Recap

Posted by Andrew Matyas on Jul 13, 2015 11:54:20 AM

Now that you've learned about each individual step of an effective category management program, here is how they work best together to make a solid, effective management approach. 

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Price Auditing: The Perfect Way to Round out Any Category Management Process

Posted by Andrew Matyas on Jul 6, 2015 9:32:00 AM

Price auditing is one of the most significant processes after implementing a contract, however, it does not get its due share of recognition. It is essential in any category management process. 

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Core List Rewrites: Maintain Your Savings!

Posted by Andrew Matyas on Jun 10, 2015 10:18:00 AM

Core List rewrites are an essential process to ensure that savings negotiated with suppliers are maintained over the life of the contract. It is a step in category management that many companies don't use and can be a major source of increased cost, especially in categories like MRO and office supplies. 
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The Benefits of Lost Savings Opportunity Reporting

Posted by Andrew Matyas on May 28, 2015 9:27:00 AM

Lost savings opportunity reporting is a critical part of the category management process and should not be over looked! With the opportunity to review your past spending decision results, you can ensure a more profitable future. 
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Why Utilizing Compliance Reports Make a Difference

Posted by Andrew Matyas on May 20, 2015 9:28:00 AM

Compliance reports are a crucial part in assuring that savings are continued through the length of a contract. Utilizing compliance reports makes a difference.
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Why Savings Reports Should Not be Neglected

Posted by Andrew Matyas on Apr 28, 2015 1:17:00 PM

Savings reports are one of the first steps in implementing a strong category management process. Are you utilizing your savings reports to the best of your ability?

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